Online Cricket Betting In India

A significant number of people in India take part in online cricket betting. That is because they not only understand the game but also find the odds to be appealing. The other thing that makes cricket gambling popular is the fact that it is the most played sport in India. They even won the 1983 cricket world cup. That means Indians relate well with the sport, and that makes it easy for them to analyze the game and place bets both on local and international cricket games.

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Cricket In India - How popular is it?

Online Cricket Betting in IndiaCricket is a very popular game in India. The country contributes about 70% to cricket globally. Many Indian players also occupy various positions in international cricket teams. Whenever there is a cricket match, people usually gather in showrooms to watch their sportsmen take part in the game. That is as they go through the betting options. The whole country keeps tabs on the game as bookmakers offer online cricket betting tips to punters.

Online Cricket Betting

Indians are always ready to bet on cricket, whether it is an international cricket match or the IPL. Throughout the world, people consider India to be among the feistiest competitors in the game. That is together with their arch-rivals Australia. England is also among one of the most popular international cricket teams. Whenever there is a match between India and either of the two teams, people never miss wagering. Fans can bet as much as £50 million, and that shows how the market is lucrative.

As mentioned above, Indians also bet on international cricket matches, and that includes the big bash league. It is an Australian league that is part of the T20 league. It is, however, evident that the IPL is the biggest T20 league when it comes to international cricket. That is because the games are competitive, and the cricket betting odds are significant. It is also the hardest league to analyze and make accurate predictions. Fans often rely on cricket betting tips to make the right options. The online betting odds are usually high on the team that is likely to lose. Those teams expected to win, on the other hand, tend to have low odds.

That means if the team less likely to win beats its competitor, the punters end up with significant earnings. That, however, depends on the amount of money a fan staked on that team. For instance, India was 66 to 1 in 1983. That is because they were less superior to England. They, however, went ahead to win the match and so many Indians who wagered for their team won significant cash. In cricket, when wagering people always look at:

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Types of Bets

Before betting on a particular cricket match, people have to look at the betting options. They also have to know the types of bets for them to understand how to bet. So far, the main types of bets available include:

Match betting

One of the popular types of bets is the match bet. The bet is very straightforward. The punter only has to bet on the team that is likely to win the match. The odds tend to differ depending on the teams playing. The bet can be tricky because the favored team doesn’t always win.

Series winner

The series score bet type allows the bettor to predict how many wins each team will have after the completion of a certain series. Note that a series may have three to five matches. For the punter to win, he or she only has to bet on the right outright wins and not draws.

Win toss

Before the game starts, there will be a coin toss. That is to determine which team will bat or bowl first. The type of bet is usually 50-50 because any team can bat and any can bowl. It is where international cricket bookies tend to make more money.

Top bowler

On this bet, you have to predict which player is going to take a significant number of wickets. It can be in a single match, a series, or a league like the big bash league. The bet is slightly similar to that of the Top batsman. That requires you to predict the batsman that will make more runs.

Series score

A series bet is another good option for bettors. The bet type thus allows the punter to predict how many wins each team will have. For the punter to win, he or she only has to bet on the right outright wins and not draws.

Match scores

The purpose of this bet is to predict the number of runs each team will make. That is by the end of the match. To ease the options, the bet does not require the punter to choose any specific number of runs. You can pick a range; for instance, 146-160 runs.

Over/under scores

By opting for this bet type, the player is going to predict the total number of runs made by both teams. He or she will then have to state whether it is going to be over a specific mark or below. The odds for this bet type are usually low.

Even/odd scores

Here, you have to determine the total runs for a specific team. The trick is to figure out whether the sum is going to be an odd or even number.
cricket betting online

Team innings run

As the name suggests, the bet type requires the punter to determine a team’s total number of runs. That is in a particular inning and not the whole game. Most of these wagers tend to base on the question of under or over.

There are many other bet types that punters tend to place bets on and try their luck. These include:

  • Most Run Outs
  • Batsman Runs
  • Player Performances
  • Method of Dismissal
  • Partnerships
  • To Score 50 Runs
  • Runs Off Next Ball
  • Team of Top Batsman
  • Highest 1st 15 Overs
  • Individual Bowlers Series Wickets
  • Most Match Sixes

Online Cricket Betting - Local markets

India tends to have many cricket matches locally, thus making the local market significant. Some of the available local markets include the IPL. It consists of local players, some of whom play international cricket. That is the reason why it is one of the most active leagues on the planet. The leagues available in the local betting market include:

  • Indian Premier League
  • Indian Cricket League
  • Ranji Trophy

These leagues promote the Indian local betting market.

There are also plenty of international market leagues that Indians can bet on using various bookmakers. Some of the international cricket leagues include:

  • ICC World Cricket League
  • Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Women’s World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • Champions League T20

Other countries that bet on international sport include England, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, and South Africa, among others.
cricket betting in India

Online Cricket Betting strategies and tips

Just like any other sport, online cricket betting is not easy. It requires bettors to be watchful of the types of bets they make. One must study the bookmaker and take note of the odds the bookie is offering. With some tips and strategies, players can maximize their winning chances. They can also refrain from making blind bets, which can end up reducing their bankroll significantly. Below is a list of some of the best tips and strategies that you should consider when wagering online.

It is good to place more focus on the local market

Staking on international games can be lucrative. The only problem is that the local news outlets don’t cover in-depth to give the bettors enough information. That means it is going hard to scrutinize the teams and come up with excellent predictions. It is why punters should focus more on the local market. The news outlets cover local teams in depth. They indicate who is injured, what the form of the team is, and why they are likely to win. That enables you to gather more information before staking.

Have a look at multiple Cricket Betting sites

Gambling sites tend to have different odds. That is the best thing about online cricket betting. It is thus crucial that you have a look at various sites. From which you can then settle with the one that has appealing odds.

Do more of in-play betting

The good thing about in-play wagering is that you place bets based on statistics and not guts and emotions, thus maximizing the chances of walking away with some cash. It is, therefore, vital that customers do more of such staking than other forms of wagering.

Stake depending on the team’s form

If two teams are playing, you must check the statistics. By doing so, you get to know the gameplay and shape of a particular team. After confirming the form, you should flow with the statistics. That is by betting on the team that is in great shape and likely to win. Sometimes, you should also check their previous games to make better and informed decisions.

Pay attention to the weather

There are teams that play well in certain weather conditions and those that perform poorly. It is thus vital to pay attention to the weather and use it in ruling out the poor performer. Such observations can enable you to predict whether the strong team will lose the match or not.

Pay attention to the average score of first innings

Professional bettors who are after big wins tend to consider every possibility that can hint the outcome of the match. That includes the average score of first innings. With these scores, you can predict the result of the game as well as the difficulty of some pitches. It thus enables you to know what is likely to happen when two teams play at specific grounds.

Check the form of each player

Betting types like a top bowler, top batsman, and player performance, among others, require gamblers to know each player. That makes it easy to compare the players on the teams and determine who is going to emerge the top. Sometimes it also requires you to assess these player’s past performance. With complete assessment, you can make wise staking.
Indian cricket betting sites

Best Cricket Betting Sites in India

India has a long list of online cricket betting sites where bettors can access various leagues. That includes the T20 leagues as well as the big bash league. With such a wide array of online gambling sites, it becomes easy for Indians to compared odds. Some of the best online cricket sites for gambling in India include:


Bet365 is an incredible online gambling site that offers bettors a platform to stream games online. The site has the best deposit and withdrawal options. It also has plenty of leagues and a wide variety of enticing options to bet on. It is so far among the top gambling site.


One of the best gambling sites in India is Betway. Their platform is responsive with a variety of leagues to bet. Their odds are also enormous with generous welcome bonuses. They offer an excellent interface that is easy to navigate, making it great for new betting customers.


Professional online bettors will find 1xbet to be a great platform for gambling. The site offers various odds and has a unique interface. They give new signees welcome bonuses and existing users great promotions to keep both parties interested. You, however, need to have a great understanding of the site due to the huge number of games available.


10cric is a great gambling platform where punters can place bets quickly. The interface is unique and interactive. They also have dedicated customer care service to ensure customer satisfaction. What makes it even more unique is the simplicity and responsiveness of the platform.

Royal Panda

Another gambling platform that serves the local Indian market remarkably well is Royal panda. The cricket bookie gives fans an easy way to deposit money and place stakes. It has a significant following with generous offers and bonuses. It is a great site to place bets for both amateur and professional punters.

Bookmaker Bonuses and Promotions to Expect

Most bookmakers use bonuses and promotions to attract online betting customers. So before you access the sites, you should have a look at available promotions and bonuses. Some of the bonuses to expect to include a welcome bonus. Sites give new signees a certain percentage of cash of their initial deposit. These bonuses come with a wagering requirement which you must fulfil for the bonus to be withdrawable.

Moreover, other bookmakers give you welcome bet points, which you can later convert to cash. You should also expect promotions that come in the form of free bets. That means you can bet on any cricket match without staking your cash. Other promotions include guaranteed money back for any wager you make. It is among the most common promotions that gambling platforms offer.

With these promotions, you can entertain yourself with online cricket betting without spending a lot. Punters can use them to try various odds and learn a few skills. It is, however, advisable to look for sites that offer great bonuses and promotions with lenient wagering requirements. After all, India has so many wagering sites that have generous offers. It is thus important to take advantage of that when looking for a website. Also, keep up with what is going on at the site. That is because some sites offer abrupt bonuses for a specific period.
cricket betting apps

Betting On The Go - Best Online Cricket Betting Apps In India

Enthusiasts who want to bet on the go can use mobile apps. They make it easy to access matches and leagues anywhere. Gamblers, however, have to make sure they go for a reliable app. Some apps come with limited options, thus making the experience less entertaining. With that in mind, here are some of the best apps for enthusiasts who want to bet on the go.

10cric app

The 10cric app is among the most rated wagering apps in India. They are famous for offering generous bonuses and promotions. The app allows new customers to open accounts and also grants access to various leagues. What makes 10cric a top app is that it comes with excellent match statistics. That includes the team’s percentage of both loses and wins. They also give information about total runs and average scores. That reduces the time one would spend gathering information.

Betway app

If you want a comprehensive mobile app, then Betway is the app to download. It comes with numerous sections providing distinct information. They also have a live section that allow customers to check live statistics in case they are not watching the game. The app also gives you access to various odds and betting types. Meaning that you can bet while the match is in play.

The most important feature of the Betway app is that there is an option to cash out before the game ends. It thus keeps you from making significant losses. The list is very comprehensive, and so you’re sure to find any match you’re looking for.

1xbet app

The design of the 1xbet app is remarkable. It simplifies the desktop site while giving online gamers an incredible interface. They allow new signees to open an account via the app and also bet on the available matches. It features many leagues to bet on with a wide variety of odds and online cricket betting tips that punters can use to make wager accurately.

The app also offers live sports, and so you can have a view of the ongoing games. It is easy to use and suitable for anyone who wants to have a nice time betting online.

22bet India

22bet India is a perfect online gambling app compared to cricket Satta bhav. The interface might be as intuitive as that of the online cricket Satta app, but it has other special features. It is light, and so it doesn’t require too much phone memory. It also runs perfectly and doesn’t consume a lot of data.

The app gives you access to many matches worldwide. Their odds are usually attractive, with broad bet types to choose from. It is a platform that makes online betting easy and fun.

Why Bet On Cricket and Not Football

Unlike football, cricket is an entertaining and comprehensive game. It is also easy to analyze thanks to the simple rules and gameplay. Cricket offers a wide variety of odds and betting types giving you enough choices to place bets on. That means with the right statistics, customers can stake quickly without struggling. That makes cricket more fun and enjoyable than football.

FAQ - Online Cricket Betting In India

Is betting on cricket legal in India?

Betting or gambling is illegal in most of India and that includes betting on cricket. However, there is no law that makes online betting an illegal activity; a loophole that many use to place bets online on cricket.

Can I Place Bets With Indian Rupees?

Yes, you can place bets with Indian rupees. 

Will I Be Able To Use A Welcome Bonus On Cricket?

Yes, you can use welcome bonuses to wager on cricket games. Welcome bonuses available on these gambling sites are there to enable you to place bets on most games the bookmaker is offering.

Can I Make A Living Betting On Cricket?

No. Gambling is a game of chance. There are, however, various bettors who do critical research and thus end up making significant winnings. So not unless you’re a professional gambler with adequate skills, it is hard to make a living betting on cricket.

What Type Of Bet Can I Get The Best Odds For?

In-play bets often have the best odds. Those include over and under odds as well as odd or even odds. They are usually having better odds and are easy to analyze, thus making them better than other types of bets.