Cricket Betting Tips - How To Bet On Cricket And Win

Cricket Betting Tips - How To Bet On Cricket And Win

With the right cricket betting tips, you can beat the bookies and make a profit. While the outcome of some markets happens by chance, many dynamics in and out of the field influence the outcome of any game. As a punter, it is important that you learn these cricket betting tips and apply them in your betting strategy to increase your chances of a win. This article gives some of the important areas to check.

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Cricket Betting Tips - Choose the Best Bet Types

Below are some actions you can take to increase your chances of winning in online cricket betting.

cricket betting tipsThere are over a hundred markets in many cricket matches. It is from these markets that you will select one or a few. If you have no plan in place, you will probably pick a market at random, look at the odds and make a wild guess, hoping to win. Unfortunately, such kind of cricket betting is likely to bleed your bankroll. It is important to determine the types of cricket bets that have the best chances of winning your bet and strictly bet on them to increase your winning odds. Here are some cricket betting tips that can help.

You could be making several wins from your online cricket betting but making very small or no profits on your bankroll. This could be because you are betting on the obvious outcome such as a win for the favorites and obvious game events. Some basic bet types in the team propositions and in-play may have very low odds in some events. On the other hand, you may be betting sparingly and making some good wins. When selecting your bet type, look at these cricket betting tips to increase your possible profits. Note that it is better not to bet than risk high amounts on very low profits.

Money Management - Cricket Betting Tips

On the other hand, when running after value, it is important to determine the amount of risk you are prepared to take in. Here is an example; the player proposition betting type has some of the best odds at the sportsbook. However, it carries a high risk in some of the markets, such as predicting the scores, man of the match, or player with the most bowls. Do not pick this bet type if you are not good at analyzing players as you are most likely to lose in the game of numbers.

In conclusion, choose bet types that offer a balance between the risk and the value. This way, it will be worth the risk. Also, such a risk will not be too high.

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Stay Within the Betting Rules

Most of the cricket betting tips fail to remind punters of the rules. Unfortunately, if you do not bet within the rules, all the cricket betting tips in this article may not work for you. There are various rules that you should follow. However, since you might not remember all of them, always check on those related to your betting type at the sportsbook. Here are some of the popular ones.

In a test match, if the ball is not bowled, all test bets are voided. Besides, if the venue is changed, bets made on it are voided too. Most betting companies settle any draw bets as losers in case a test match is tied.

In the cricket match betting, most bookmakers will void a bet in the event a match is drawn and there was no price for the draw. Besides, if matches are abandoned due to outside interference such as spectator violence, bets on the matches will be voided. However, this rule does not include weather events in some competitions. A draw is an event when a match is not completed, whereas a tie is when both teams have the same score.

Betting on tournaments

When betting for tournaments such as the World Cup, if a team withdraws from the match, bets in the outright pool are voided. However, the change of venue does not affect the settlement of such games. In addition, the top wicket-taker or run-scorer for the tournament is usually the player with the most wickets or runs throughout the tournament and not a single match.

You should also beware of the dead heat rules. A dead heat involves dividing the stake proportionally between all the winners of a particular event. It usually happens when there is a tie between two or more participants in an event. Dead-heat rules determine your win amounts.

Cricket Betting Tips  - Winning Strategy

Once you have selected profitable betting types and markets, as well as learned the cricket betting rules, you need to come up with a winning strategy. The use of a strategy allows you to be meticulous in selecting your teams and markets and prevents speculative cricket betting. Your cricket betting strategy will depend on the market and type of bet. Here are some common ones.

Strategy on Laying a Draw in a test Match

Test matches take quite a few days within which there are price swings. During the period, it is common to see various incorrectly priced draws with high odds. This is because draws have gone down over the years. Instead of just going for a straight win, laying a draw can win you a tidy sum.

You can also take up the markets that rely on the main team to win and still make a tidy sum. Going straight to the favorites may result in very low profits anyway. You could think of backing a handicap on the favorite or going for over and under markets. However, note that most bookmakers avoid some obvious handicaps or give them really low odds.

Player Betting Strategies

If you are more focused on players as opposed to the whole team, the top batsman or the bowler are the most common markets. With historical stats, you can work out a winning strategy in this section. However, if the odds are low, consider predicting how many runs some of the leading players would be making in the game using over/under market.

Your winning strategy should include more than a single betting type and market. It is important that you move from one market to another to get the best odds and lower your risk. While these cricket betting tips and strategy advice shared here may not work in all cases, it is worth trying.

Other Cricket Betting Tips

Here are some other cricket betting tips you can utilize to increase your winning chances.

Check the weather

Weather changes have a greater impact on cricket than many other popular sports such as football. If it rains hard during a cricket match, the match is most likely going to be abandoned because wet balls are hard to catch. In many matches, each team would have to bat for at least five overs each for the result of the match to hold.

Use the weather tools online to predict the likely weather conditions, especially if you are betting on a team during the rainy season. While the weather is not factored if each team has made the minimum number of bats, you could be disadvantaged if your favorite team did not have a good start.

Look at Home team Advantage

If you are betting on short matches such as the T20s and friendlies, the home team advantage may play a big role in the outcome of the game. This is because home teams understand the pitch better and have the advantage of large fan support. However, in test matches, this may not be a huge factor. According to stats, home teams accumulate a slightly higher number of runs when playing at home as compared to playing away. Using home team advantage is one way of how to bet on IPL in teams with near equal performance.

Bankroll Management

It is important that you look at your bankroll when betting to avoid bleeding your finances dry. You should not spend more than 10 percent of your bankroll on a single game. It is also good to split the stake between various outcomes and markets to lower the risk while at the same time increasing the possible payouts.

Do Your Research

Most online cricket betting punters follow predictions of other sites blindly. Any betting information site that gives you odds must have hard facts to back their betting predictions. Instead of relying on such predictions blindly, learn to do your research. Check the stats, head-to-head performance, and the team form. With time, it gets easy to determine the best markets and selections.

Balance risk with Possible Profits

It does not make sense to put in a huge sum on a particular market where the expected return is low. On the other hand, it is not worth the risk to place a bet on highly unlikely outcomes of a cricket match. Determine how much risk you can take versus your expected return so that you lower the losses while at the same time increasing the chances of making some good wins.

Online Cricket Betting Sites in India


Bet365 is based in the UK. It has a sportsbook and casino for the Indians and offers wide coverage of cricket games across the board. These games include local and international teams. It also has an app for mobile betters. In addition, it offers various payment methods and accepts Indian Rupees.


Betway India is known for its good odds and many markets in various cricket games. You will also get various local and international games in the cricket section of the site. It is easy to use the website and allows mobile gaming. You can also receive live updates on your favorite team in the in-play section.


1xbet is a leading bookmaker that is famous for hosting many sporting activities, among which is cricket. It also offers lots of bonuses and promotions that can be used on cricket. 1xBet has an app and offers quality customer support to its players. You can deposit in Rupees and other currencies.


If you are wondering how to bet on cricket, there is no better way to go about it. You need to learn the rules, do some research and apply a winning strategy. Cricket betting is a little different from other popular sports such as football and basketball because weather and individual performance have a great impact on the overall team performance. However, it offers great opportunities for churning out a profit in its draw markets, series betting and top player markets.

A winning strategy in cricket involves the selection of the best betting types, markets, and odds. It is good to check the weather and head-to-head performance in the previous matches.


Here are some answers to issues faced by punters when trying to put various cricket betting tips into action or placing bets on various sportsbooks.

How Do I Bet On The IPL?

If you would like to bet on the IPL, head to the IPL section under India in the cricket section of your favorite bookmaker. You can bet on the pre-match and in-play section of the match. Determine your bet amount and the market, depending on your prediction. You can also place a multi bet on various matches.

Where to Find Cricket Match Predictions?

You will find various websites around India and beyond that give predictions and cricket betting tips. However, it is good to do your research so that you are sure that their predictions are correct. It is also good to check their success rates in the past.

Is In-Play Betting Available For Cricket?

Yes. You can place a bet on live cricket matches. Most sites have an in-play section where you get all the live matches. Otherwise, you will find the live matches in the cricket section of the website. You can also use the section to get live updates of any cricket game.

What Cricket Tournament Can I win The Most Money On?

There is no particular cricket tournament that has the best odds. Your best chance of making some tidy sum is selecting good markets and making correct predictions. Make good use of the cricket betting tips discussed here and elsewhere on the internet to increase your chances of winning in various cricket tournaments.

Which Bookmaker Has the Best Cricket Odds?

Various bookmakers are offering great odds in various cricket markets. Some of the leading online sports betting sites that you can join include 10Cric, 1xbet, Bet365, and Betway. Check the odds on various cricket gambling sites and pick one with the best odds. Keep in mind the above cricket betting tips to make the right market selection.