Cricket Gambling - A Short Guide for Beginner Punters

If there’s one sport that defines the sport betting industry of India, then that’s cricket. It’s the most popular game in the region and a source of achievement and pride. There are several cricket leagues available, a world-class cricket team, and the Indian Premier League (IPL) that’s highly respected on the international stage. Also, there’s the sports fans and enthusiasts who follow the passionately watch and support the games. In short, this game is already part of the country’s culture and it’s appeal even extends to cricket gambling. You can now find several Indian-focused sportsbooks that allow cricket betting.

The Best Cricket Gambling Sites In India 2024

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But before you bet on cricket, you must be aware of its basics including the cricket betting tips that you should follow. Betting on the outcomes of cricket matches may be fun and lucrative, but there’s still that element of risk. For every bet on cricket, you’re putting your money on the line. And there’s no guarantee that it’s a sure bet and you’ll collect a lucrative payout. Before you bet, make sure you understand the basics of cricket gambling and its requirements.

How to Start in Online Cricket Betting

Just like casino games, betting on sports like cricket is now easier and convenient. To start your cricket gambling experience, you need to login to your sportsbook account and check out the ‘Sports’ page. If you don’t have an account yet, you need to register first an account in one of our recommended Indian sportsbooks.

On the ‘Sports’ page, you can select ‘cricket’ as your event. You will be provided with a list of betting markets. Some of the popular betting options or markets to play online are ‘Correct Score’ and ‘Match Result’. After selecting your market, you need to set your wager. You can do this by clicking the odds to open the ‘Bet Slip’. This is normally displayed on the right-hand side of the betting window. Here, you can set the amount you want to wager. The system will automatically compute for your potential payout based on the published cricket gambling odds.

cricket gambling online

Understanding Cricket Gambling Odds

Knowing how cricket gambling odds work can help you become successful. If you’re logged into your betting account, you will easily notice these odds for cricket. There are at least three different formats for odds but in many Indian sportsbooks, these odds are displayed in decimal format. For example, Mumbai Indians is listed at 1.75 to win the cricket match against Chennai Super Kings at 3.0. If the odds are displayed in other formats, you still have the option to change this on the site’s sport’s page.

So, what do the odds tell you about the match and your payout potential? Well, the cricket gambling betting odds will tell you the likelihood of an event happening and will also give insights on your potential payout. Based on the example odds, the Indians are favored to win with a 57.14 percent chance of winning the match. Also, the odds can tell you about your potential payout. Using this example, you can collect an INR 1,750 payout when betting INR 1,000 (odds x wager).

Cricket Gambling - Common Bets To Play

As a punter, it’s also important that you have a complete understanding of the most common types of bets in cricket. In real money cricket betting, you’re presented with different types of bets that can work for various strategies and bankrolls. Here’s a look at the most common wagers to play in your preferred sportsbook.

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Win and Match Top Runscorer

In this type of bet, you’re placing your money on the team that will win. Also, you will back the player that can complete the most runs in the match. The win or match bet is the most common wager type in cricket gambling and recommended for beginning punters.

Draw No Bet

This is a variation of the win or match winner bet. However, there’s a slight change in the rules where your stakes will be returned provided the match ends up in a draw.

Who will win the toss

This is a fun bet to play that isn’t connected to scoring or the actual result of the match. When you play this bet, you’re predicting which team will win the toss.

Highest Opening Partnership

In this bet, you are backing the team that will score more runs before losing the first wicket.

First Wicket Method

You are betting on the method of dismissal for the first wicket of the game. Here. Only the official tournament scorecard will judge the method of dismissal.

These are just some of the popular bets in cricket gambling. Most of these bets are placed before the match begins hence, they are called pre-match betting. However, there are also bets that you can play even when the teams are in play. In cricket gambling, we call this as live cricket betting. Some of the popular live cricket betting types in Indian bookies are the first to win the toss and first wicket method.

cricket gambling india

Some Cricket Betting Tips to Remember

Aside from learning about the odds and betting types, there are a few more online cricket betting tips that you should consider. For example, you should always research and check out the likely playing conditions. Since this sport is played outdoors, then the weather and type of playing surface matter. It is also important to appreciate the player’s form and the team’s recent results. Some players may struggle against someone, and a team that’s coming from a huge loss may perform poorly in the next game.

Just like in casino gambling, it’s also important to incorporate a few money management strategies. Before you log in to your account, make sure to set aside a bankroll for your real money cricket betting session. Once you have identified the amount, make sure you stick with the budget. It’s not wise to chase your losses by increasing your bets in the hope of winning a big payout. As a responsible cricket fan and bettor, you should stick with the budget and exit once the bankroll has been used up.

FAQs About Cricket Gambling

? Can I win real money in online cricket betting?

Yes. Just like in online casino games, you can also collect real money wins when you bet on sports.

? What are some tips and strategies that I can use when checking the betting markets and betting on cricket matches?

There are dozens of cricket betting tips and tricks that you can find online. However, some of the best ones are focused on understanding the betting odds and wager types. Also, it can help if you can identify first a bankroll for your online cricket betting session.

How can I start betting on cricket matches?

If you’re ready to bet on cricket, then you need to register first an account with one of the licensed Indian sportsbooks. Upon confirmation of the account, you can now deposit and bet real money.