Fantasy Cricket - An Exciting Way Enjoy This Sport

Fantasy Cricket - An Exciting Way Enjoy This Sport

Cricket is well known as being India’s most-followed sport which is why fantasy cricket is certainly on the rise in terms of popularity and the number of users. Having the opportunity to create your own team and even become a manager is a temptation for cricket enthusiasts. 

The Best Cricket Betting Sites In Inida 2024

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Fantasy cricket - what is it?

Fantasy cricket is similar to other fantasy sporting leagues in that users are able to choose their cricket players to create their team of choice. Users are required to choose their players based on the position they play and points are won based on the outcome of the actual games and results. Users are required to place bets beforehand and the winner of each tournament will win the payout.


Fantasy cricket in India is a growing market - with the sport’s popularity on the rise, there’s little wonder that users also want to enjoy the experience of choosing their own team. It’s a fun way to play cricket with a team of your favourites against friends, family or even strangers who also enjoy the concept. Pick your 11 and three substitutes and strategies according to batting and bowling percentages and adjust your team accordingly. It’s also worth noting that you should use your budget well and consider the most important players and positions for your team.

Fantasy cricket team

Of course, the most important aspect is the team you choose to play for you. Each is a team of 11 and three substitutes - choosing well is crucial to your success. Each player has an assigned credit worth, so it may be worth investing your budget on the wicketkeeper and all-round players because they are the ones who’ll be able to provide the most innings. Your budget should also be considered for other positions though so make sure you choose wisely

It may be wise to check on your team daily to ensure you are getting the best results - if not, you can change the players to ones that are more suited. Users should also be aware that there are limits to the number of batsmen they are able to choose (maximum of 6) so this is also a consideration to be made.

Points system

Every site has its own points system so as a user, this will suit different individuals depending on their preferences. It is worth noting that the rules generally stay the same for the online sport so doing some personal research here is imperative. The points system is such that the good performers are rewarded with more, poor performances have points deducted - this is why checking your team regularly is so invaluable. Bonus points are also rewarded for the number of fours, sixes and strikes and also for captains and vice captains that are performing well and leading a winning team.

fantasy cricket india

Types of contests

There are a variety of contests available to players, depending on their commitment to their team and the personal time they have to make the necessary adjustments. They are:


  • Involves only two players where one of these will become the winner
  • The winner here will receive the full amount leaving nothing to the other
  • The odds are favourable due to the fact that there are only two users

Winner takes all

  • Normally includes more than two players but no more than six
  • Entry fees are pooled which means more money to win
  • Even though the odds of winning are lower, the return is higher which is an appealing aspect

Medium contests

  • These leagues can vary in terms of player numbers from 30 to up to 300
  • The number of winners increases but the return is lower
  • These contests sit somewhere between the previous competitions

Grand leagues/Mega contests

  • Here there is no limit to the number of players but the winnings are especially high
  • With this, the probability of winning is the lowest out of all the competitions available
  • You’ll rely on luck here


If you’re working on perfecting your fantasy cricket league, then make sure you visit the sites that offer the best daily cricket predictions. These sites will look at the team’s statistics and player availability and offer their own odds and winning predictions. Gamers should use this playing information to secure their place in the Indian fantasy league. Predictions will vary depending on team, injury list and various other factors so adjusting your team is imperative to your success.

fantasy cricket sites

Best platforms

There are a number of Indian online fantasy cricket sites and each offers slightly different odds and predictions. Dream11, Playerzpot and BalleBaazi are all excellent examples of these sites where they have amassed millions of users who are keen to play cricket fantasy. Offering both free and paid contests, these sites are firm favourites within this competitive market.


Dream 11 is an extensive platform with an audience of over 45 million and continuing to grow. Offering both paid and free contests, they have a fantasy cricket app so that users can play on the go.


Playerzpot is a site where a gamer can enjoy daily rewards and winnings whilst managing a team. Users can create a team using the knowledge the site provides and enjoy quick and easy withdrawals, referral rewards and earn bonus points by completing weekly tasks.


When using BalleBaazi, users can take advantage of great promotions that are suited to the players’ style of play. Simply create your team and watch the match unfold while you collect the points to elevate your rankings.

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Conclusion - why should you enjoy and play fantasy cricket?

Fantasy cricket sites are a fun, lucrative and strategic way to make new friends and whilst enjoying a sport you truly love. With the addition of exciting bonuses, promotions and an opportunity to build the team of your dreams, there’s no better time to get registered and start your team today. Visit a new fantasy cricket site for more information and enjoy ipl fantasy cricket whenever you like.


? How did fantasy cricket start?

Fantasy cricket started in 2001 by Joy Bhattacharya and ESPN. It was a simple concept where players had to choose their favourite 11 players with a budget and earn points from real-life play. Fantasy cricket has and continues to grow in popularity.

? Is it legal?

Yes- it is legal as it is deemed a game of skill. It is worth noting that when money is at stake, further compliance is required however a number of sites available are perfectly legal.

? Can I bet on fantasy cricket?

Yes - players can bet using a range of legitimate sites such as the ones mentioned above. Predictions and odds are all provided, including those for the fantasy cricket world cup.