How to Bet on Cricket - A Guide for Beginning Punters

How to Bet on Cricket - A Guide for Beginning Punters

Did you know that with its massive popularity in India, the game of cricket is now the second popular sport in the world? Thanks to its popularity, almost all leading bookmakers now carry this sport in its portfolio and allows punters to bet in different ways. If you’re new to betting, you can easily find several top-rated bookies for Indian punters. But before you take part in cricket gambling, make sure you review the basics on how to bet on cricket.

The Best Sites To Bet On Cricket 2024

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Register an Account with a Reputable Sportsbook

Betting on sports is a growing industry in India and one that’s highly regulated. There’s a market too for unregulated betting but it puts you at risk and you may end up violating local laws. Your best bet in participating and learning how to bet on cricket is to sign up with an offshore licensed sportsbook. Here, you can bet legally using Indian Rupees and follow popular cricket tournaments and leagues including the Indian Premier League or IPL.

To sign up for an account, simply check our list of recommended cricket betting sites. On your preferred site, click ‘Register’ or ‘Sign Up’ to initiate the registration process. You must be at least 18 years of age to take part in online cricket betting. Once your account has been confirmed, you can now top it up and bet on cricket.
How to Bet on Cricket

Types of Bets You Can Play in Cricket

There are different ways on how you can bet on this sport. If you’re a beginner, you may want to cover first the types of bets when learning how to bet on cricket. Most Indian sportsbooks now offer a wide coverage of the cricket betting market and there are different types of bets to suit all types of players. Here’s a look at the popular cricket bet types to consider when reviewing how to bet on cricket and win.

Match Outcome and Series Winner

For many punters, these are the most popular ways to play the betting market. For beginners who want to know how to win in cricket betting, they may want to start with these propositions. In the match outcome, you are betting on the team that wins the match. The focus of the series winner, on the other hand, lets you bet on the team that will win the series.
How to Bet on Cricket

Leading Runscorer and Leading Wicket Taker.

As the term suggests, you’ll put your money on individual players. These types of bets can work for experienced punters who know the background of players and for those who can catch trends easily.

Man of the Match

Just like in other sports, a cricket match will produce a player that delivers an exciting overall performance.

Over/Under Betting

This is a popular type of bet that you can also play in cricket. This is a bet on whether the combined total number of points/runs scored by the teams will be over or under a specified number indicated by a sportsbook.

These are the most common cricket bets to play today and cover the most popular leagues including IPL betting. If you’re planning to follow and bet on IPL, always check out how to bet in IPL using these betting types.

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Pre-Match and In-Play Betting

In cricket gambling, you will also notice the availability of pre-match and in-play betting. Make sure to check the difference between the two when learning how to bet on cricket. Between the two, pre-match betting is the most popular and recommended for beginning punters. In pre-match, you place your bet before the match begins. For example, you can put your money on the match-winner or the series outcome or outright.

Live cricket betting, on the other hand, allows you to place your bets even when the match is ongoing. For example, you can bet on the team that will win the toss or to wager on the first wicket method. Live betting is unique and more challenging to beginning punters. Here, the betting odds may change in real-time and you must be observant and an expert in catching shifts in momentum. If you’re mastering how to bet on cricket using in-play, you must have access to tools and resources. Most betting sites today offer live streaming and score tracker that can help punters make informed bets. Also, some sites feature betting guides and resources for those looking to learn how cricket betting works.


? Is it legal to bet on cricket?

Yes. If you’re betting from India, several offshore licensed sportsbooks accept bets from local punters. Also, these sites allow you to follow and bet on cricket matches using Indian Rupees.

? How to earn more in cricket betting?

To be successful in cricket betting, you must learn first the basics of how to bet on cricket. As a bettor, you should also select the right sportsbook with competitive odds and each bet should be reviewed before submission.

? What are the types of cricket bets I can place online?

In cricket sportsbooks, you will find several types of bets that can work for all types of players. The most common bets are the match and series winner and over/under betting.