Betway Sportsbook Review 2024 - Exciting Place For Punters

100% Matched Deposit Bonus up to ₹2,500

Betway is a renowned gambling platform that happens to offer its full services to Indian punters. The platform has been operating since 2006. It combines all that a gambler might need; from being a dedicated online casino site with various games to sports betting and more. In this review, we’re going to explore what is offered on the Betway website.

Betway Cricket Betting

Cricket is a highly popular game around the world. But it’s most enjoyed by the Indian population. Cricket there attracts a high majority of all sports fans, but we’re sure you’re already aware of that.

On Betway, they cater to the sport highly. As a leading gambling platform, they acknowledge what cricket means to gamblers. You might be a cricket player yourself; a thing which will make you all the more interested in betting on the sport. But if you’re not, no worries at all: the platform is laid out in a way that could help both amateur and seasoned punters alike.

The platform offers various features when it comes to betting on cricket. You will find it super easy to place your bet whenever you need it, and it only takes a minute of your time. Not only that, but Betway cricket also includes the best markets available out there. This will make it easier to conduct all your betting activity on the sport in the same place.
betway cricket

Markets Available

As we discussed above, the platform acknowledges what the sport represents to their Indian audience. Subsequently, you will find all the markets you need for cricket available on the website to bet on. Just make sure to read through the guidelines and pick the market that intrigues you the most.

As a cricket fan, you’re probably aware of most tournaments out there. On top of the list comes the Indian Premier League. It’s an annual event that gathers all fans of the sport, aching to know who the champion would be. This major tournament is a complete sensation in India. You’ll find tons of people attend the events, while the rest watch the updates on live television.

Betway cricket coverage of IPL is just perfect. You’ll be able to pick the teams you support, place your bets easily, and tune in for updates to know whether yours is a winner. Aside from that, there’s the ICC Cricket World Cup. It’s yet another major championship that gathers all cricket fans together. It happens every four years, and it includes teams from countries all over the world.

Some local tournaments are also included in Betway Cricket, like The Ashes. This tournament is run specifically for England and Australia. The two countries compete against one another in a series of matches. The final score is determined upon five matches in the championship. The winner gets a special trophy tailored for this tournament.

Types of Bets Available

Choosing your type of bet usually depends on your own personal preferences. When it comes to cricket, final outcomes can vary drastically from one game to the other. Similar to any other sport, the most basic bet you can place is predicting who the winner is going to be. But that’s way too basic. Another thing you could go for is betting on the game not having a winner at all. In other words, placing your bets on the outcome being a Draw.

If you’re not really intrigued by those bets, you can move to something a little bit more advanced. You can wager your bets based on team propositions. This means a lot of things. For one, you may bet which of the participating teams wins the coin toss by the start of the match. Some punters find it a lot more intriguing to opt in for this one, especially as its outcome is resolved quite early on.

Another thing to try on is a combination bet, maybe placing your wagers on a specific final score. You may also bet on which team scores first. There are tons of possibilities with combinations, as you can also wager on single players of a certain team. Seasoned punters find it quite enjoyable to bet on several outcomes, and just sit to watch the game unfold with possibilities of earning at every corner.

Betway cricket caters for a wide variety of bet types. Simply locate the match you’re interested in and starting making your wagers the way you like!
betway esports

Betway - eSports Betting

When Fortnite came out, it changed the whole gaming industry. More streamers started to play the games they like and get a massive audience they never dreamt of having. Major sponsors began to support those interested in the industry, putting even more money into the gaming world. Subsequently, tournaments began to take shape and be organized across the whole world. Teams would compete with no restrictions, no border limits, and no bureaucratic laws. This gave way for the wide expanse of the industry.

And when tournaments and championships are held, who would be interested the most? You guessed it right: punters! Gamblers are perceiving eSports as something quite competitive and extremely enjoyable to place their bets on. Online sports betting has been growing popularity at a rapid rate.

Betway esports vary from highly popular games, to more sophisticated and elite kinds of video games. On top of all comes League of Legends and CS:GO. The former being a very strategic game, which also requires a specific set of skills; the latter is a first-person shooter game that has a series of releases across generations. If you’re into gaming yourself, you’ve probably heard about those. Esports betting would also include games like Dota 2, Overwatch, Rainbow Six, and Starcraft. You can easily place your wagers on any of those games on Betway online.

Other Popular Sports To Bet On at Betway

If you’re still not convinced with Betway cricket and all, the platform has a whole sportsbook to offer to their Indian audience. As a dedicated bookmaker, the platform promises high quality service when it comes to all the sports they offer. Tons of features are provided on the platform, aside from its casino services. You may choose to place your wagers during a game, and even watch its live updates as the game unfolds in real-time.

As we said, other sports are catered for on the website. On top of the list comes football. It’s an international language spoken by all nations worldwide. Whatever differences we might have, football gathers us all. Championships like La Liga, Europa League, and the UEFA Champions League are featured on Betway for players to engage with and wager on. The World Cup, of course, is included.

But if your cup of tea is a bit different than others, Betway would still satisfy your gambling habits. Sports like basketball, tennis, rugby, and even racing, are well catered for on the website. If you prefer your bets go this way, you won’t have a problem doing so with this provider.
betway bonus

Betway Bonus & Promotions

Promotions and bonuses on gambling platforms are quite intriguing. It’s one of the main things people consider when they’re signing up for a new provider. And, honestly, it’s a valid criterion to choose upon.
Usually, when you deposit your money onto a new account on a particular gambling site, the provider would offer you a bonus depending on the money you’ve just deposited. That’s the most basic and well-known bonus that you can claim as a gambler.

But what about the Betway bonus? Is it better than what other platforms offer? Let’s just jump right into it.

Betway Sign Up Bonus

As a new Indian client, you’d get a Betway welcome bonus when you create a new account. It’s valued at 100% as a matched deposit and is capped with a limit of ₹2500. Isn’t that just amazing? This means that if you deposit ₹2500, you’d get ₹5,000 to play around with on Betway.

And, you don’t really have to do something spectacular to claim this offer. Just head to their official website, locate the offer on the landing page and click through it. You’d be ushered with instructions to make your new account. The bonus would be credited as soon as you deposit funds.

Other bonuses and promotions

From time to time, Betway tends to offer extra bonuses for both new and registered members. Make sure to stay tuned with their updates to claim any new promotions. You might be able to get a 2nd deposit bonus, or even a bonus on your third deposit. Follow up on their official website and social media accounts.
betway inplay

Odds Comparison

This bookmaker promises that their traders and bookmakers are constantly looking for the best rates and odds to place your bets. This even happens in real time, when you’re placing your in-game wagers. They believe that this gets them ahead of the competition, and leads their clients to seek their services once again.

When Betway comes in comparison with other services, like the 4.4% odds of Bet365, it’s out of the question that they offer better rates. When making decisions on any of the tournaments we’ve discussed, especially IPL and the Ashes of cricket betting, you would be making a wise decision going with Betway.

In-play betting

Another great feature that the platform makes available to their customers is the ability to place bets while the match is being played. This is usually called in-play betting or live betting. Some punters prefer it this way, where they can watch how the outcomes unfold and make a lot more precise decisions with their wagers.

If you’re a seasoned gambler, you’d really appreciate this feature on Betway. It has its own flavor, where you can observe how the match is actually going. Some prefer to place higher wages by the middle of the match, with the idea that their predictions might have a higher chance of coming true.

Live Streaming

But how could you make bets in real-time if you’re not watching the game? Well, Betway has got you covered. With their live streaming feature, you can check the updates of the game as they’re happening.

Technical wise, the platform works just fine when it comes to the live streaming of matches. Of course, you can’t rely entirely on this provider. You have to check your internet connection, and see whether it’s suitable for such an activity. But don’t fret about it that much. It’s a lot more like any regular streaming you do, whether it’s a video or watching movie-streaming services.

But don’t miss the dates of your most anticipated matches. Mark them on your calendar and just head to the official website right on time! Betway live is definitely as close as it could get to watching tv.
betway mobile

Betway App

Some casinos are not willing to go that far, but Betway has got it all. As a registered client, you can simply download their official app on your mobile device and conduct your gambling activities wherever you like. You don’t have to be tied to your laptop or pc.

It’s an amazing feeling to be able to place your wagers whenever you like. You may also want to check up on your former bets and how they turned out. It’s all included when you sign up on their platform.

Betway Casino

Aside from Betway sports, the platform works as a dedicated casino as well. The Betway casino features all the games you love and adore. From slot games with tons of variations to meet all preferences, to Betway poker and baccarat: it’s all at the tips of your finger.

Whether you’re into the classic or the more graphism kind of games, the platform works with the best software provider to offer you a seamless experience. Seasoned punters always appreciate it when they have a dedicated sportsbook glued to their online casino!

Betway Payment Methods

When it comes down to payment, the platform offers Indian punters the ability to deposit their money at ease. Since the platform accepts various deposit methods, it’s easier to accommodate different players from around the world.

Some of the payment methods offered are Visa Card, Mastercard, Skirll, and a wire bank transfer. This facilitates the way for Indian players to deposit their money using either the local currency or USD.

Customer Support

Past clients of the platform vouch for the quality of customer support Betway offers. The team is quite helpful when it comes to queries, and is easily reachable. As a member of the platform, you may simply write them an email to open a ticket. You can also hop onto their live chat to enquire about their services or report a problem you’re dealing with.

So Is It Worth Placing Your Bets At Betway

With all the features we’ve discussed so far, we’d say it’s definitely worth it to place your wagers on this platform. It offers a wide variety of options, from Betway sports to a diversified casino experience.

As an Indian player, you want to have all you need in the same place. And this website makes it all happen. Premium features, like live-betting and having a dedicated app on your smartphone, are possible with Betway online. But before you make a final decision, make sure to read online reviews and feedback from past clients. It’s always helpful to do so when you’re picking a provider.


Both amateurs and seasoned gamblers get questions from time to time. We tried to cover the most basic ones here for your reference:

? Can I use rupees when depositing at Betway?

Definitely! You can easily deposit your fund with the local currency, and even receive the bonus with the same one.

? Is there a Betway Sports Betting App?

That’s right, Betway is one of the providers that offer an official app for their clients to enjoy the service on the go.

Is Betway a scam?

Not in any way. The website is well regulated and all their past customers vow of their high quality and secure service.

? Is it possible to bet on Esports through Betway?

Yes, it is. They also have a variety of games that you can follow and bet on.

? How difficult it is to create a new account on Betway?

It’s not difficult at all! Once you go to their website and follow the instructions, it’s a walk in the park. Think of it as creating an account on any other website you use online.