Dafabet Sportsbook Review 2024 - Sports Betting Made Easy

170% Welcome Bonus up to ₹17,000

Dafabet is a well-known company that caters to a wide variety of punters around the world. Currently, the platform is offering its services to gamblers in India. This is a great opportunity since the website has a lot of competitive markets for sports that are popular in India.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the different services Dafabet provides and how good they are. We’ll also explore the markets available along with the various sports you may bet on.

Dafabet Cricket betting

When it comes to Dafabet cricket betting, it’s highly catered for on the platform. The provider knows that this game is one of the most important ones in their sportsbook. It’s highly appreciated worldwide, but it’s a little bit different when it comes to India. Cricket in India is a pillar stone that gathers most sports fans around the same table.

Dafabet cricket is therefore being taken care of on the website in a special manner. You get the most competitive markets out there, both locally and internationally; and you may also place different kinds of bets.

Markets Available

Online cricket betting is a massive market that attracts a lot of gamblers around the globe. Dafabet cricket acknowledges that and integrates the best markets for their clients. You won’t miss out on your favorite matches if you choose to go for this bookmaker. Whether you cheer locally, or you tune in for the massive international tournaments, Dafabet cricket will most definitely cater to the event you watch.

Local Markets

As a punter in India, you’re probably wondering what the kind of markets this provider has in your own country. Well, you don’t have to worry much about it. Dafabet cricket caters for tournaments like Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, and the Indian Premier League. Dafabet IPL is implemented for Indian punters using the service. You may place your bets on these championships easily through the platform.

International Markets

And as online cricket betting attracts people from around the world, Dafabet cricket ventures to include international markets onto their sportsbook. Dafabet cricket has markets that cater to the ICC Cricket World Cup and the T20 World Cup. As an Indian punter who’s interested in cricket, you definitely don’t want to miss out on major events like these. Sports betting is easily done on this platform; you won’t have a problem finding the event you’d like to go for.

Types of bets available

When it comes to placing your actual bets, there are different types of wagers you can place on cricket. Dafabet online betting will allow you to customize your wagers based on the outcome you choose. You may go for choosing which team wins the toss that happens before the start of the game. You can also place your wagers on who’s going to be Man of the Match.

But you can also go for basic bets, like the team that is going to win the match. The possibilities are a lot when it comes to cricket. You’re allowed to get creative with this as much as you want.

dafabet sportsbook

Other Popular Sports To Bet On at Dafabet

If cricket is not really your choice of a favorite game, you still have plenty to bet on at Dafabet. Dafabet online includes multiple varieties onto their sportsbook to cover a wider range of clients. You may go with football betting. The sport is well catered for on the platform, integrating the best markets out there. You’ll also find all the championships you follow integrated on the website once they take place.

But if you’re quite the unique one and football betting is still not your thing, Dafabet online would still have something for you. If you go onto the official website, under the Sports tab, you’ll find basketball, tennis, hockey, and even Esports, available to place wagers on. Online sports betting is a massive industry and you’ll always find new options to choose from.

Dafabet Bonuses & Promotions

In online sports betting, you’ll always come across offers and promotions made by bookmakers and casino providers. It’s a common strategy practiced by many in the industry. It basically gets your foot into the door. It’s obviously not harmful, and the terms and conditions are always laid out in a clear way.

Dafabet promotions work in the same way. As an Indian punter, you’ll be met with multiple generous offers to attract you onto the platform. These might come in different types; some are provided when you first sign up on the website, others come in the form of different rewards that you can use throughout your gambling. While a Dafabet no deposit bonus is not currently offered, there’s still a lot left to utilize.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’ll review the current promotions you can utilize in your region and you decide for yourself.

Dafabet Welcome Bonus

The current welcome package you can receive on Dafabet for their online sports betting is a matched deposit bonus of 170% on your first deposit. The offer is capped at INR 17,000. The offer is absolute insanity since it’s literally double what they’re offering for their casino clients. It seems like the platform would like to drive more new customers towards the main part of their website, which is concerned with sports betting. You can use this Dafabet bonus on cricket.

And if you happen to lose too much on your first day, you can get a one-time refund of up to INR 1,500. This is really wholesome, to keep those experiencing a bad-luck day up and running. If you win, it qualifies you from getting a refund of losses (obviously!).

Free Bets

This offer is there for cricket betting lovers. If you place your bet on the Premier League and your predictions turn out to be true, you get a chance to win a free bet of INR 1,000, along with a MacBook pro. This is great news for Indian gamblers since the championship is extremely attractive to the Indian fans.

As for football, if you predict the Burnley FC scores correctly on a weekly basis, you’d get an INR 350 free bet each time you succeed. This way, the platform’s got something for everyone out there.


For their cashback bonus, Dafabet is providing its players with an amazing offer. Whenever you place weekly cricket bets, you get 10% back of all lost bets. This bonus is capped at INR 15,000, which is a huge amount to have back into your account’s funds. Both your regular bets and your in-play wagers count towards this bonus. The cash out is usually processed every Monday.

As an Indian gambler who’s interested in cricket, you ought to utilize this offer. It’s a guaranteed percentage to have back into your account in case you lost. This allows you more freedom with your future bets.

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Odds Comparison

In sports betting, a service provider has to integrate the most competitive odds on the market to attract newcomers. That’s just simply how things work: if you provide a better service, new players would prefer your business.

And when it comes to Dafabet, the company promises the most competitive odds when it comes to online sports betting. Your bets would definitely be enhanced compared to the competition. Aside from that, the bookmaker works hard to tap into the best markets out there for every sport provided.

In-play betting

Now, to get back to your actual gambling on the platform, there’s yet another feature that you’re going to love. Dafabet allows you as a gambler to place your bets during a match. If you prefer to make your predictions as the match progresses, you can simply do so utilizing the in-play betting feature.

This feature is not only integrated by Dafabet, it’s rather a common one. If you have never tried watching a game and placing your wagers during plays, you ought to start right away. Some punters say that it makes them opt for much wiser decisions.

Live Streaming

And if you’re placing your live bets on a certain match, how would you follow up with the updates? Well, Dafabet provides you with two features that would come in handy when it comes to live betting. You can watch your favorite matches on the live streaming tab provided with Dafabet. This allows you to keep up with the updates as you place your wagers on games. Also, you get to watch the game you’ve already placed bets on.

There’s also a really neat schedule on the website to help you save the dates for future matches. But if you’re just into the stats and not really wanting to watch the whole match, the event viewer would be perfect for you. It shows you updates regarding every match in real-time in a little organized tab on the website.

dafabet live streaming

Dafabet Mobile App

In online sports betting, it’s sometimes all about your timing. If you find it hard to access Dafabet using your computer, you may easily download their app and bet wherever you are. The Dafabet cricket app download is a great solution that you can take with you on your mobile device wherever you are. You can keep up to date with the latest match results, check out newly available tournaments to place your wagers on, and check whether your past bets made a win or not.

It’s always a privilege to come across a provider that would develop a dedicated app for their users. As you’re aware, we’re mostly using our smartphones these days. It becomes quite helpful to do your betting on the same device as well.


Dafabet Casino

Okay, so you’re done with your sports betting for now. You’re waiting for the results to come out. How about you enjoy some casino games with the amazing Dafabet casino? Yes, the provider also integrates a fully functional casino onto its platform. This way, Indian punters don’t have to switch between sites to conduct their betting.

You may enjoy different kinds of games and bonuses when it comes to Dafabet casino. Starting from slot machines that have amazing features and rewards, to the classic card and table games we all love and adore. Since casino gambling is a vast world, you’ll also find tons of different variations for your favorite games. This allows more players to enjoy the same website and find what they cherish the most.

The software providers that are integrated within Dafabet are some of the best on the market, to ensure that your casino experience is as smooth and fun as it could get. Your transactions are safe with this casino since the video games are well encrypted and developed.

dafabet casino

Payment Methods

It’s always important to check with the provider you’re about to sign up to whether they accept your preferred payment method or not. When it comes to Dafabet, the platform is willing to integrate different deposit methods to accommodate all kinds of customers.

As of now, you can easily deposit your money through Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Neteller, EcoPayz, and more. As a punter in India, you won’t have a problem depositing money in your local currency. Just make sure to pick a preferred method that goes along with your currency.

Sometimes, it takes a little bit of time to confirm some transactions. The fastest way to receive your funds is to go for a card payment. But it doesn’t usually take more than 10 minutes for any transaction to be processed and confirmed. Always go for what’s feasible for you.

Customer Support

Given the current circumstances, some of the customer support services Dafabet is offering are out of service. However, there’s no delay in getting back to clients in regard to inquiries. You may easily reach out to their help team through email, messaging on social media platforms, or simply utilizing the live chat on the website.

According to reviews from previous clients of the platform, Dafabet has one of the most responsive customer support teams on the market. They’re always eager to ease your concerns and help with your inquiries. You can try it out for yourself, even before registering. Just head to the official website and hit them up through the live chat option.

It’s crucial to opt for a provider that has an active support team, especially if your main aim is focused on sports betting. Dafabet definitely ranks on the list of awesome support teams.

So Is It Worth Placing Your Bets At Dafabet

We’ve talked so far about the sports betting services Dafabet provides. We also explored their casino services, along with other features on the website. But is it really worth it placing your wagers through Dafabet?

Well, as an Indian punter, the platform is integrating the very best services to ease your gambling experience in the region. You get bonuses in your local currency, and there are no restrictions whatsoever regarding your country. Aside from that, Dafabet is a well-established name in the industry that you can count on.

So, to answer your questions, yes it’s mostly definitely worth it placing your bets through Dafabet. Even if you go for the big whales of the industry, you don’t usually come across a provider that has it all… even a mobile app at your disposal. But don’t take our word for it; go to Dafabet yourself and try it all out!


? Can I bet with rupees at Dafabet?

Yes, you may conduct your sports betting with the local Indian currency on Dafabet. However, make sure to choose a relevant payment method that goes along with your currency. Bonuses are also attributed in Rupees.

? Can I watch live stream games at Dafabet?

Apparently, you can! The website is allowing players to watch relevant games and matches through their live streaming service. You can easily access that online through the official website, and also take a look at the schedule of future streams.

? Is there a Dafabet Sports Betting App?

Yes, there is! One of the most enjoyable things about sports betting through Dafabet is you get to utilize their mobile app. Just head to the official website to download the app to your device and enjoy their services wherever you go.

Is Dafabet a scam?

Dafabet is not a scam at all! It’s a well-established business that is both licensed and regulated by the law. No scam incidents have been reported in the past by previous customers.

? Is Dafabet a legal bookmaker in India?

Yes, Dafabet is allowed to offer online gambling services in the region. If you’re concerned about the legality of the activity itself, make sure to refer to either trusted online sources or a respectable lawyer in your vicinity.