Live Cricket Betting in India - Best Sites and Tips

Live cricket betting in India has grown exponentially in recent years. Although betting on live cricket is a relatively new concept in India, more players are gradually embracing it. This is all thanks to increased internet coverage in India.

The Best Live Cricket Betting Sites 2024

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Live Cricket Betting

Cricket is arguably one of the most popular sports in the entire world. However, in India, cricket is more than just a sport- it’s an emotion. Essentially, cricket is to India as football is to Brazil. The sport is an ideal way to spend your leisure time. However, before you start betting on live cricket, here are some basic live cricket betting rules you should know:

  • There are two teams, each with 11 players.
  • The ruling by an Umpire is final.
  • Six balls equal one over.
  • The duration of the game is negotiable.
  • It’s not a must for batsmen to run.

live cricket betting

Understanding Live Cricket Betting Odds

Trends, research, and statistics play a crucial role when setting odds. Therefore, if you want to start betting on live cricket online, you need to understand the live cricket betting odds. This entails reading the odds, comparing them, and getting to know your potential winnings from your stake.

What you need to understand is that an operator sets the cricket match odds depending on:

  • The operator’s margin
  • The probability of the match’s outcome
  • Player history
  • The average score on the ground
  • Weather conditions
  • Team’s form
  • Head to head record

Live Cricket Betting Tips

When starting, live cricket betting might feel like a daunting task. Like in any other new thing, you are bound to make mistakes, which is understandable. However, these mistakes can prove to be very costly. Therefore, it is only ideal for carrying out due diligence before you risk your hard-earned money to engage in live betting.

In this section, you will find some useful and free cricket betting tips that you can use to bet on a live cricket match. You don’t have to keep making costly mistakes. Continue reading to learn cricket betting tips.

Manage your bankroll

Your bankroll dictates how much you can bet on a match. How you choose to manage your bankroll dictates your wins or losses. Therefore, you need to be very calculative with your bankroll. If you don’t manage your bankroll, it is very easy to bet an arbitrary amount on each match. This means you can quickly lose all your money despite having a solid chance of winning.

Do a research

Doing research is a crucial part of any winning strategy. You might think you’re very good at it, but the truth of the matter is that you can’t just eyeball all the cricket matches and decide the winner. You have to keep in mind that even the sharpest bettors consistently use research and statistics to get the best cricket betting tips. Therefore, research is essential in shaping your picks when it comes to cricket betting tips.
live cricket betting

Types of Cricket Bets

Before anything else, you need to understand that live cricket betting is a very dynamic endeavor. Therefore, you have the chance to place your bets on multiple options. Furthermore, it is also essential to understand that the type of bet you place might vary depending on whether it is a live bet or a standard bet. In this case, the focus will be on the type of in-play live cricket betting options you can place. Here are some of the popular winning live cricket bets:

Match Betting

Otherwise known as ‘To Win the Match,’ match betting is the most popular type of cricket bet. This is not only in India but also in different parts of the world. The only thing you have to do in this type of wager is to choose your winning team.

The primary goal of this type of live betting is to correctly pick either of the two playing teams to win the match. For instance, it can be picking a winner from one game from a Tournament or Series Challenge.

With this type of bet, the operator weights the odds so that when you win, the payout will be an amount less than even money. However, when the game ends in a tie, the results will be declared null and void. Furthermore, it is also possible for odds to be declared null and void, not only until the teams complete 20 overs.

However, before choosing the team you think will win the match, you have to calculate how best you will manage your bankroll. At the same time, you have to do prior research. For instance, you have to look at previous head to head stats, team form, and the prevailing weather conditions to help you pick the winning team.

Series Winner

It is not unusual for cricket teams to play a 3-series game or a 5-series game instead of playing a single match. The objective for a bettor, in this case, is to bet on the winner of the series. You can do this by picking the team that wins in the best of five or best of three cricket matches.

Outright Winner

An outright winner is a type of futures bet that operators apply to tournaments like the World Teenty20, ICC Champions, ICC Women’s World Cup or the Cricket World Cup. As a bettor, your main goal here is to pick a team that you believe will prevail in the entire tournament rather than in just one match.

Since there are multiple sides you can choose from, the task of choosing the Outright Winner is an uphill one. That is why the odds of outright winners are significantly higher than those of match live betting. However, you can choose to narrow down your choice of the potential winners to about two or three. Afterward, you can bet on these teams to guarantee some winnings regardless of the teams that win.

How to Choose a Legitimate Sportsbook for Cricket Betting

There are many Indian sportsbooks online, which makes it challenging to choose a legitimate one. However, here are some things you can consider to ensure you choose the right one.

  • Security: It should ensure security for your personal information, funds, and cookies.
  • Reputation: You should always pick an established provider with years of experience.
  • Best odds: Scout betting sites with the best odds before you choose one.
  • Payment methods: The sportsbook should have multiple supported payment methods.
  • Promotional offers: Always look out for sign-up bonuses, in-play offers, and others.
  • User-friendly interface and fast and responsive customer support.

Top Cricket Leagues and Tournaments

Although there are many cricket leagues and tournaments globally, there are only but a few popular ones. These top leagues and tournaments also constitute the most wagered on leagues, not only in India but in the entire world.

Local Leagues and tournaments

Since cricket is the most popular sport in the whole of India, people play it almost everywhere. This only means that the country holds numerous domestic leagues. These tournaments are ideal betting markets for gamblers. However, you need to understand that inasmuch as cricket is the most popular sport in India; it is not the country’s national sport.

Some of the major local leagues and tournaments are:

  • T20 Mumbai League
  • Celebrity Cricket League
  • Indian Premier League
  • Saurashtra Premier League

Popular International leagues and tournaments

International leagues and tournaments are ideal betting markets since operators set very competitive odds for these markets. However, players must do their proper research using stats to ensure that they don’t risk all their money away. These are some of the popular leagues and tournaments globally:

  • ICC Cricket World Cup
  • ICC Champions Trophy
  • T20 World Cup
  • Pakistan Cricket
  • Champions League Twenty20
  • Indian Premier League

Top Cricket Betting Sites

Before choosing any particular betting site, you need to scour the internet to research the best online live cricket betting sites, especially for Indian players. It may not be entirely easy to find the best, but here are some betting sites that can work well for you.


Apart from having super-fast processing time for deposits and withdrawals, 10cric offers very competitive cricket odds for Indian players. Since it is an exclusive Indian betting site, the target market are Indian players, featuring impressive welcome bonuses and very responsive customer support.

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The operator offers its Indian market with very competitive cricket odds and brags of over 15 years of experience in the industry. This makes it a reputable and secure betting site, especially for cricket. They make sure their customers are happy by offering incredible bonus offers and well-packaged odds.


It is one of the main sportsbooks in India with a good reputation. Therefore, it is a trustworthy site to wager on cricket games. Furthermore, it is one of the pioneer cricket betting sites that supported payments in Indian rupees. You can also get a Bet365 live cricket streaming app and free live cricket score, all in one site.

FAQs About Live Cricket Betting

Can I bet on live games through my smartphone?

Yes, you can. Many sites like Bet365 have smartphone apps for mobile betting.

Can I win real money from bonuses?

Although you can win real money from bonuses, some sites can have very stringent wagering requirements. Therefore, keep an eye out.

What is a 1×2 betting model?

Also referred to as three-way betting, 1×2 betting is choosing a home win, draw or an away win. 1 is for the home team, x for draw, and 2 is for the away team.